Novinky z 20.11.2012

Efficient packaging for small to medium requirements

Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter: Ready-made packaging solutions quickly prove to be inflexible, especially during the seasonal trade. The on-demand protective packaging solutions from my-packness offer a perfect alternative. They reduce both storage space and handling costs. Small specialised companies can cover their normal demand with the my-packness range and at the same time remain prepared for increased workloads. For a list of dealers, please visit

The AIRmove® air cushion system now also includes a new type of film, the AIRmove® Void, with extra large individual cushions that fill up a cardboard box in no time.  AIRmove® Cushion is the perfect film for wrapping items and filling small to medium voids in packages.  AIRmove® includes a handy device with the appropriate film roll, which inflates air cushions at the push of a button. 

FOAMmove® are foam cushions in various sizes, specially designed for heavy, sharp-edged or fragile items. This customised protective packaging is created without a device with just a few hand movements.  The plastic adapts to any form when foaming up. FOAMmove® is available in five different sizes for different cardboard box sizes.

The website provides advice for small specialised companies that are searching for practical solutions for their B2B or B2C shipments.  The AIRmove® air cushions and FOAMmove® foam cushions are presented and usage tips are offered that are logical and easy to understand with no prior knowledge required. Let the configurator suggest the best my-packness solution.

The my-packness product platform helps companies in replacing ready-made materials such as bubble wrap from the roll or - Loose Fill.  The slogan "improve your packness" says it all: lean and fit solutions for market demands. my-packness is exclusively available from authorised dealers. Direct link to dealer search: