Novinky z 06.11.2013

Greater-Efficiency in Paper Padding: economical, fast and convenient

PAPERplus® Classic2, the new machine model from Storopack processes rolls of Kraft paper and recycling paper into paper padding for protective packaging of medium-weight to heavy-weight products. The design meets the latest ergonomic requirements of the industry. The machine can be installed directly facing the operator, with the output chute of the paper padding in a vertical line to the carton. The movements of the operator are ergonomically optimal and thus faster. The operating speed can be continuously adjusted and reaches up to 160 ft/min. PAPERplus® Classic2 converts Kraft paper as well as 100% recycled paper in a roll widths of 24 inches.

The ease of operation is optimized with the latest technology and in keeping with Storopack‘s “Working Comfort” approach. The height of the machine can be electrically adjusted and is equipped with a touch panel. The casing reduces noise emissions. 

With its vertical and lean design, PAPERplus® Classic2 can be integrated into the most diverse packing stations. The machine dimensions are 39” X 31” X (max.) 81”(length/width/height). The machine is mobile and therefore, also suitable for various operating sites.

The machine processes single-ply and double-ply qualities of different paper weights. Which is why, PAPERplus® Classic2 is not only suitable for the protective functions of cushioning and bracing but also as void filler for medium-weight to heavy-weight goods that turns the packaging material into cost-effective protective packaging.

Initial trials at customer sites have validated our expectations of the new paper padding system. The users are happy with the quality of the paper padding and in addition to cost efficiency and reliability, the system also offers impressive ergonomic features.